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'Lady of Bietikow' is as old as "Otzi

A female skeleton found during construction work in Bietikow, (Uckermark) in May has now been carbon dated. According to the spokesman for the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Monuments, Christof Krauskopf, it is more than 5,300 years old.

'Lady of Bietikow' is as old as "Otzi
The skeleton was discovered in the Uckermark during earthworks for the construction
of wind turbines [Credit: Philipp Roskoschinski/Archaeros]

The woman probably lived between 3,500 and 3,100 BC - most likely between 3,400 and 3,300 BC. The bones are thus about as old as those of "Otzi", the famous glacier mummy that was found in the Otztal Alps in 1991. 

The skeleton was found during excavations for a wind turbine in Bietikow near Prenzlau. The archaeologists Philipp Roskoschinski and Christoph Rzegotta, who excavated it, are delighted. The skeleton is considered to be a rare and exciting find of "high scientific importance". 

The woman, who was probably 30 to 45 years old, was buried within a settlement. She was buried in the so-called crouched position, with knees bent and arms folded towards the chest, the head pointing east and facing north. No grave goods were found in the grave.

'Lady of Bietikow' is as old as "Otzi
The "Lady von Bietikow" has now revealed some secrets: She is around 5300 years old and died
 between the ages of 30 and 45
 [Credit: Philipp Roskoschinski/Archaeros]

"The conjectured dating of the 'Lady of Bietikow' to the time of the Funnel Beaker Culture is now confirmed", said Krauskopf.  

In addition, it is hoped to be able to determine the cause of death. The teeth will also be examined with the help of a strontium isotope analysis. The examinations will probably take three to four months. 

According to Krauskopf, whether the skeleton can then also be presented to the public also depends on how well it is preserved.

Source: RBB24 [trsl. TANN, September 17, 2020]

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