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Pre-Harappan site found in Kutch

Artefacts believed to be around 5,000 years old, dating back to the early Harappan phase, have been unearthed during an excavation jointly being held by archaeologists from the University of Kerala and Kachchh University in Khatiya village of Kutch in Gujarat.

Pre-Harappan site found in Kutch
The excavation being jointly held by archaeologists from the University of Kerala and Kachchh University
in Khatiya village of Kutch in Gujarat [Credit: TOI]
A 47-member team comprising researchers and postgraduate students stumbled upon several pieces, including mud pots, conch-shell bangles, beads, and stone blades, during the excavation, being undertaken in burial sites in the region. The area of excavation spanned around 300 sq m.

“The pottery shards recovered bore similarities with the ones unearthed from ancient settlements in Harappan sites, including Kot Diji and Amri of Pakistan, and Nagwada, Santhali, Moti Pipli, Datrana, Surkotada, and Dhaneti in North Gujarat,” says S.V. Rajesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala, one of the coordinators of the excavation.

Pre-Harappan site found in Kutch
The area of excavation spans around five square km [Credit: TOI]
The project is believed to be the first such excavation to be undertaken at Harappan sites by a university based in south India. The research team had conducted an exploration in Gujarat in 2016, following which they obtained permission from the Archaeological Survey of India to carry out the excavation, which began on January 30.

Prior to the activity, the team had undertaken a preliminary survey of the region using drones, total station, and Differential Geographic Positioning System (DGPS) to understand the topography and geomorphology of the region. The excavation will continue for over a month.

Pre-Harappan site found in Kutch
Archaeologists say the structure found suggests a cemetery and the stones strongly indicate
 the presence of over 100 burial sites in the area [Credit: TOI]
Dr. Rajesh said the excavation would be taken forward in the future as part of providing the much-needed exposure for students of archaeology. The artefacts would be kept for display at the museum of the university’s Archaeology Department.

The project is expected to shed light on the burial rituals and other customs prevalent in the Harappan civilisation during its early phase from 3300 BCE to 2600 BCE.

Author: Sarath Babu George | Source: The Hindu [February 09, 2019]


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1 comment :

  1. AncientArchaeologistMarch 15, 2019 at 4:35 PM

    Village named as गडा GadA near BHUJ- BHUJODI , Many mistakenly mixes with the word घडा GhadA – as a water pot. Looks like matching but is just a our thinking. In fact the Word has roots in original Sanskrit verb roots (DHATU)

    गड् Gad – गडा GadA and is not meaning of घड् Ghad - घडा Ghad - GhadA

    गडयति { गड् } gaDayati { gaD } verb 10 hide - cover (is anything hidden there? Buried , ancient civilisation , treasures - )
    गडति { गड् }gaDati { gaD } verb distil or drop run as a liquid / melting (Planty of water झर jhara m sprinkling of water / झरणु) which looks like fixing the meaning in that sense as it is a river bank area of DHORAWAV – River Gunawari of Gangeshwar dome of Khatrod to Ler to Bhujodi and Gada Village.

    गडा GadA f. kind of rAgiNI also has meaning of Sangit /Musics

    जन + गडिया { गड् गडयति} becomes जन्गडिया - - VILLAHE - JANGANIA of Abadasa Near Naliya is the places where many Samadhies have shapes of people and animals , where shape of the Samadhis are shapes as Body.


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