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Mycenaean fortress 'discovered' near south Bulgarian town of Zlatograd

A 3,000 year old ancient fortress was discovered by archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains, near the town of Zlatograd and the border with Greece. The fortification is thought to date to the Late Bronze Age and is evidence that ancient Thrace was part of the Mycenaean Greek world.

Mycenaean fortress 'discovered' near south Bulgarian town of Zlatograd
The Cyclopean masonry outer wall of the newly discovered fortress near Bulgaria’s Zlatograd
is similar to that of ancient Mycenae [Credit: BTA]
The archaeological expedition was exploring a Thracian royal residence from the 4th - 5th centuries BC, when they came upon the fortress, the walls of which are made of huge stone blocks weighing more than 5 tonnes each.

"This is one of the first testimonies of Mycenaean Thrace... dating back to 3,000 - 3,200 years ago. The fortress wall we found, as well as the ceramics, actually indicate it was the period of the Trojan War", said archaeologist Nikolai Ovcharov.

“The fortress wall was built using the Cyclopean masonry typical of the 13th – 11th century BC, the same type as in key sites such as Troy, Mycenae, and Tiryns, the centres of the Mycenaean Civilisation,” Ovcharov added.

Behind the fortress wall, the archaeologists found a royal necropolis, a sanctuary and a fortified castle. Two buildings with representative features and a sanctuary were studied. The area is filled with stone altars, possibly part of a settlement, which is more than 3,000 years old.

The expedition is funded for the fifth consecutive year by the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Zlatograd. Research will continue next year

Source: Novinite [November 02, 2018]


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