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Medieval paintings found during restoration of Valencian parish church

The restoration work on the Santiago Apóstol parish church in the Valencian town of Pobla de Vallbona has uncovered some original wall paintings from the late 14th century, arranged on two levels and which may depict a scene from the Annunciation.

Medieval paintings found during restoration of Valencian parish church
Credit: AVAN
The discovery of the paintings took place during the restoration work and the inspection of several points of a wall in the atrium of the church, under which they were hidden, as reported by the Archbishopric in a statement.

The paintings, which have lost their colour, show the representation of a kneeling angel, suggesting "it could be a scene of the Annunciation", according to the architect and conservator of the parish church, Pablo Griñena.

Two decades ago, paintings dating from the same period were discovered at the main entrance to the church, where the main altar was originally located.

The latest restoration work was started because of humidity problems in the parish atrium, so work has been carried out to recover the original appearance of the church, which was covered during the Baroque reform.

The works, financed entirely by the parish, have eliminated "unnecessary layers" that prevented transpiration and caused humidity problems that "affected walls and paintings", explained the architect.

"In order to preserve this new medieval artistic jewel, it is necessary to continue the restoration to strengthen the walls and completely eliminate the dampness," said Griñena, who also pointed out the importance of subjecting the paintings themselves to a restoration process, since their recovery would mean "an improvement in the reading of the pictorial group and would provide new data to complete it".

Source: Europa Press [August 09, 2018]


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