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Hieroglyphic inscription describes achievements of Hittite king

Hieroglyphics deciphered at a 3,250-year-old Yalburt Hittite Pool in Konya, central Turkey, describe the triumphs and achievements of Hittite King Tudhaliya IV.

Hieroglyphic inscription describes achievements of Hittite king
AA Photo
Yalburt Water Monument, measuring 13 by 8 meters, includes 20 stone blocks detailing the actions of Tudhaliya IV, who reigned from 1237-1209 BC.

The hieroglyphics recount a military campaign made to southwest Anatolia, Selçuk University Professor Hasan Bahar told Anadolu Agency.

"Here [Tudhaliya IV] talks of the cities he saw," said Bahar, describing the hieroglyphics. "It looks like at the pool he was giving an account to the people."

Hittite society was not democratic, but the actions of the king to his people show an orderly society, Bahar said.

The pool was first unearthed in 1970 during work on the Ilgın district's water system.

Historians believe Tudhaliya IV was a king of the Hittite Empire, which was centered in Anatolia but reached parts of northern Levant and Upper Mesotamia.

To cope with a severe drought, he built 13 dams, one of which survives to this day at Alacahöyük, in Turkey's Çorum Province.

Tudhaliya IV was defeated in battle in 1230 BC by Tukulti-Ninurta I of Assyria.

Source: Daily Sabah [October 25, 2017]

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