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1,200 year old church discovered in ancient Greek city of Adramyttion

Archaeologists have discovered a second church dating back 1,200 years in the ancient Greek city of Adramyttion in Turkey's northwestern Balıkesir province, reports said Wednesday.

1,200-year-old church discovered in ancient Greek city of Adramyttion
AA Photo
The church was discovered during excavations at Adramyttion led by Balıkesir Kuvayi Milliye Museum Directorate and Burhaniye Municipality, and a team of 30 archaeologists.

The excavation work at the ancient site, which has been ongoing for the past six years, has revealed the second church.

An archaeology professor at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University professor Hüseyin Murat Özgen, who provides scientific counselling for the project, told Anadolu Agency that the project aims to cover all periods in the area, rather than just the Graeco-Roman era.

The researchers have found settlement camps dating back to the Chalcolithic period in Bergaztepe, located above the ancient site, Özgen said.

Previously, researchers had discovered an 11th century AD church in "Area C" and the newly discovered church, from the 8th century AD was also found around the area.

The city was significant for the Byzantium Empire and served as the bishopric in Aeolis, Professor Özgü Çömezoğlu from Istanbul University said, noting that findings show the church's apses were decorated with murals.

Pieces of kitchen utensils were also found inside the church, Çömezoğlu said.

"We believe that the church was used until early 14th century" the professor added.

The ancient city was originally located at the head of the Gulf of Adramyttion, on the River Caicus in the Plain of Thebe.

Source: Daily Sabah [September 27, 2017]

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