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'Cypriot deity' discovered off the coast of Turkey

Turkish researchers have discovered a unique piece of a large terracotta sculpture off the coast of Bozburun, near the Greek Dodecanese islands, which is alleged to belong to a Cypriot deity.

'Cypriot deity' discovered off the coast of Turkey
The 2,700-year-old sculpture found during examinations in a ship wreckage, which was unearthed last year
 in November, is thought to be a Cypriot goddess [Credit: DHA]
On Saturday, Sigma’s correspondent in Istanbul reported that the head archaeologist of Dokuz Eylul University, Harun Ozdas said that the 60 centimetre-long terracotta find was discovered in a shipwreck at a depth of 43 metres, and is approximately 2,700 years-old.

Ozdas said: “For the first time in our country we have found a terracotta sculpture of this size and we can understand nowadays that the most important communication and interaction between the Mediterranean civilizations in ancient times was provided by sea.”

'Cypriot deity' discovered off the coast of Turkey
The sculpture was found at a depth of 43 metres, and is thought to date back to the archaic period 
[Credit: DHA]
The original size of the state is estimated to be approximately 1.2 metres tall.

Turkish archaeologists also uncovered a number of other amphorae and ceramic plates in the wreck, which is estimated to be from the seventh century BCE.

'Cypriot deity' discovered off the coast of Turkey
Only the the lower part of sculpture has been found so far, but archaeologists believe that the upper part 
of the sculpture is in the same place [Credit: DHA]
Ozdas has said that the other items discovered are also of Cypriot origin.

The archaeological teams are continuing to dive and excavate in the area in hopes of finding more pieces of the statue.

Source: SigmaLive [January 21, 2017]

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