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The Colossus of Leonardo da Vinci: A Virtual Exhibition

Europeana, the European digital library, just launched a new online exhibition, focused on the story and project of Leonardo’s monument to celebrate Francesco Sforza, the founder of the Sforza dynasty in Milan.

The Colossus of Leonardo da Vinci: A Virtual Exhibition
Study for the Francesco Sforza equestrian monument by Leonardo da Vinci, Royal Library, Windsor 
[Credit: Europeana]
In 7 chapters and enriched with interesting stories, beautiful heritage images and modern 3D reconstructions, this exhibition joins two intriguing themes: the groundbreaking artistic and technical research of Leonardo, and the beauty of Renaissance art.

The Colossus of Leonardo da Vinci: A Virtual Exhibition
3D reconstruction of the horse clay model, 2005, by Andrea Bernardoni and Riccardo Braga, Museo Galileo, Florence 
[Credit: Europeana]
Leonardo da Vinci’s project to cast an equestrian monument of Francesco Sforza (1401-1466) was one of the most audacious artistic and technological challenges of the Italian Renaissance.

This enormous statue was never realised but, thanks to original Leonardo notes and drawings preserved in the National Library of Spain, a virtual reconstruction of his casting process is possible.

In this special exhibition recently launched on Europeana, experts from Florence’s Museo Galileo use the artist’s original manuscripts, and new digital reconstructions, to bring Leonardo’s incredible project to life.

Access the virtual exhibition on the Europeana website

Source: Digital Heritage [December 12, 2016]

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1 comment :

  1. Having had a few horse wrecks in my life, I can tell you the rider in the top sketch is about to get dumped, is out of position, position being the horses withers in the guys crotch, his knees up on the horses shoulders, the rein isn't drawn to the corner of the horses lips, his rein is too long which means poor control, have slipped in his hand which could happen in a battle such as he was experiencing .. the sketch is a highly accurate moment of an un-seating, a horse wreck. When the riders feet get into the horses flank, the horse could kill more people bucking than the sword could ever accomplish.


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