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‘Rare’ hero stone discovered in India

A team of archaeologists attached to Tirupur-based Virarajendran Archaeological and Historical Research Centre has discovered a hero stone, which is estimated to be nearly 800-years-old.

‘Rare’ hero stone discovered in India
The 800-year-old hero stone discovered on the border of Tirupur and Karur districts 
[Credit: The Hindu]
It was erected for a person who died fighting horses belonging to a cavalry from neighbouring territory that invaded the village.

The memorial was found near a river bank at Karadipatti hamlet situated on the border of Tirupur and Karur districts.

“This is a rare sculpture for a ‘hero’ who died fighting horses trained for combating people after the chieftain and his cavalry from the neighbouring territory invaded to loot the resources in the said village.

“Majority of the hero stones across the State are erected to commemorate the heroes of the respective villages who died fighting carnivorous animals while protecting the cattle of the area and a few others have been for those who died fighting people who tried to steal cattle”, S. Ravikumar, who headed the team, told The Hindu . A closer look at the 135-cm-tall and 80-cm-wide hero stone reveals that the horse was kicking the hero on his hip and bites his upper body.

The team comprising S. Ravikumar, K. Thirunavukkarasu, K. Ponnusamy and R. Senthil kumar, discovered the hero stone while carrying out exploration along the river banks.

“Since inscriptions were absent on the stone, the age of the stone has been inferred from other archaeological evidences like the hero’s attire, design of the ornaments and ear rings worn, decoration of the dress on lower part of the body, the style of saddle on the horse and few other supplementary proof obtained from the site that belong to a particular era”, said Mr. Ravikumar.

Author: R. Vimal Kumar | Source: The Hindu [June 13, 2016]

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