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The return of the Parthenon Sculptures is a matter of cultural morality

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Parthenon Sculptures violent removal from Greece and their transfer to the British Museum, the president of the Acropolis Museum, Professor Dimitris Pantermalis gave an interview to ANA-MPA on the return of the marbles stressing that "it is a matter of cultural morality."

The return of the Parthenon Sculptures is a matter of cultural morality

"Great monuments have their own rights. The rights of their own integrity. Great monuments cannot be fragmented," he underlined.

When asked on the return of the Marbles, he said: "There are many factors that play a decisive role on the issue. At the level of museums things are less difficult, but the issue has been transferred to a political level and even at a level of international politics, so things are getting more difficult. On the one hand, globalization can help, on the other hand it can block many things and it is also the political power that plays a significant role."

"What is important is the constant struggle, the constant vigilance and keeping the issue constantly alive. And the issue is kept alive, to be realistic. I am optimistic. But it is also a matter of time," he underlined.

Asked if he believed that the British Museum could return the sculptures, he replied: "Yes, but it is not so simple. They are not going to tell us 'take them back.' We should negotiate; we should give them something in exchange. For example, the idea of periodic exhibitions of Greek works to the British Museum is not bad. Good ideas exist, but it takes time to implement them. This proposal is under discussion because it is also in their own interest," Pantermalis stated.

Asked whether the new Acropolis Museum differs from the British Museum in the display of the marbles, he noted: "The Acropolis Museum is by far better because the marbles are displayed in their original place, as they were in the original building ... They are illuminated in the same way and parallel to the monument. Thus, the visitor can see the monument from one side and the original architecture on the other side."

Source: ANA-MPA [May 26, 2016]

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1 comment :

  1. Greece is falling apart financially. Frankly the marbles are much safer in Britain. Harsh truth, but there it is


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