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Etruscan bronzes unearthed in Vetulonia

Several bronze statuettes, including human figures and a horse, were discovered in Vetulonia (Grosseto), in the interior of the Domus dei Dolia, an Etruscan-era house destroyed by a fire at the beginning of the 1st century BC.

Etruscan bronzes unearthed in Vetulonia

“The finds were made in a room on the western side of the house”, said Simona Rafanelli, director of the Museum Falchi.

Etruscan bronzes unearthed in Vetulonia

This campaign came to life thanks especially to the volunteers of the cultural archaeological Isidoro Falchi, founded in 2012 precisely in order to restore life to the archaeological investigations in the territory of Vetulonia, carefully documenting the results.

Etruscan bronzes unearthed in Vetulonia

Particularly important are the three male figures dated to the 3rd and 2nd century BC, which are classified as devotional objects. One of the bronzes exhibits a unique headdress, reminiscent of the famous Etruscan soothsayers.

Etruscan bronzes unearthed in Vetulonia

The collection of these items raises a number of still unresolved issues: what is the reason for the presence of such disparate objects and of such high quality in a place so foreign to their primary vocation? It is hoped that further research will provide answers to this and other questions.

The excavation of the Domus dei Dolia  is the first step in a long process that aims to bring to light the entire urban district of Vetulonium or Vatluna, with its houses, its streets, its artisan shops, its public squares and its temples to the gods.

“It's like a little Pompeii”, said Rafanelli,

Source: Il Tirreno [November 09, 2015]

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