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Tests on Amphipolis tomb remains could take months

Culture Ministry official Lina Mendoni revealed on Monday that it could take more than eight months for experts to complete test on the human remains found in the ancient tomb being excavated in Amphipolis, northern Greece.

Tests on Amphipolis tomb remains could take months
Artist's reconstruction of the burial unearthed in the Kasta Mound at Amphipolis. It must
 be stressed however that this is strictly hypothetical given that the sex of the individual
 has yet to be established [Credit: Ta Nea]
The ministry’s general secretary said that authorities have not yet assigned the task of conducting the tests to a university or other organisation.

Mendoni said that most of the field work at Amphipolis has been completed but that archaeologists still had plenty of work ahead in terms of assessing what has been found at the site.

DNA tests pose major challenge

Archaeologists are discussing the possibility of comparing the DNA of the remains from the tomb in Vergina of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, with the remains found in Amphipolis.

Mendoni said the challenge was no easy one as the bones found at Vergina had not only been cremated but they were discovered more than 50 years ago, when conservation procedures were less thorough.

Source: Kathimerini [November 17, 2014]

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  1. Why is it no one ever comments on ANY of these fascinating & newsworthy articles? I, for one, look forward very much to receiving the archeology news! Comments from individuals who know a lot more about archeological subjects than I do, could elaborate on these articles & add more interesting information!


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