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New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released

The two caryatids found at the Kasta Tomb in ancient Amphipolis were uncovered entirely by excavators, the ministry of Culture announced on Sunday.

New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released
The Caryatids wear a long chiton and long fringed robe with rich folds 
[Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]
The full height of each caryatid is 2.27 metres and they are wearing chitons - or full-length draped dresses, tied in the middle - and a long himation, or a shawl-like cover over their dress, with fringes and several folds.

New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released
New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released
Both wear kothornoi shoes, which are decorated with red and yellow colour, and the toes
 of their feet have been rendered with great detail [Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]
They are wearing kothornoi, resembling platform boots or shoes and best known for being worn by ancient Greek actors. Their shoes preserve traces of red and yellow pigments, while their toes are depicted in very fine detail.

New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released
Both stand on a marble pedestals [Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]
The bases they stand on have not been fully cleared. They are 1.33 metres in length and 0.68 metres in width, and their height has been uncovered to about 0.30 metres. The two bases are 1.68 metres apart from each other. Sections of the caryatids' arms were found near them.

In the continuing excavation, there is evidence of yet another room lying beyond them. According to the ministry, oxygen and monoxide measurements inside the chamber are at normal levels, with a high humidity index (87%) and temperature ranging between 21.5C and 22.70C.

Support and other technical work is continuing.

Source: NewsBomb [September 21, 2014]

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