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Fourth chamber likely at Amphipolis tomb

A high-ranking Ministry of Culture official told Greek news sources that the archaeologists who are currently clearing out the dirt from the third chamber in the Amphipolis tomb believe that a fourth chamber may exist.

Fourth chamber likely at Amphipolis tomb

Meanwhile, the head of the excavation Katerina Peristeri told journalists that based on the findings so far, she believes the enigmatic tomb definitely dates back to the last quarter of the 4th century B.C.

Mrs. Peristeri complained about colleagues who appear in the media claiming that the tomb may have been constructed in the Roman era.

“The tomb is Macedonian. We have all the proof for that." said Mrs. Peristeri. "It’s futile for some people to say that it is Roman. I feel indignation against some colleagues of mine that speak to the TV channels, just for 5 minutes on prime time TV without knowing anything about the excavation.”

Fourth chamber likely at Amphipolis tomb
Axonometric view of the first three chambers at the Kasta tomb 
at ancient Amphipolis [Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]
The archaeologist stressed that the excavation will not just benefit archaeology, but the country itself and praised the efforts of her associates in the dig.

Regarding the progress of the excavation, the archaeologists have removed two rows of stones on the wall that was in front of the caryatid statues and continue to remove dirt from the tomb.

Mrs. Peristeri noted that further structural support work is being carried out in the second chamber.

As to whether the tomb has been plundered or not, it appears that attempts to raid the first two chambers may have occurred in Roman times, but the third chamber appears to be intact.

Source: To Vima [September 19, 2014]

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