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Burials in Greece linked to Macedonian kings

A Greek archaeologist says she has discovered 20 new burials near Macedonia's ancient capital in northern Greece, and some could tentatively be associated with the early Macedonian kings.

Burials in Greece linked to Macedonian kings
Five new royal tombs have come to light during excavations at the royal necropolis
of Aegae, in Northern Greece [Credit: Greek Reporter]
Excavator Angeliki Kottaridi says two of the poorly preserved graves excavated in a cemetery between 2012-2013 "might perhaps be linked" with Alexander I and his son, Perdiccas II.

Both reigned in the 5th century B.C., a century before the most famous ancient Macedonian king, Alexander III the Great.

Burials in Greece linked to Macedonian kings
The interior of the golden larnax from the chamber of Tomb II in the Great Tumulus of Vergina. 
On top of the bones one can see the golden oak wreath and fragments of royal
purple and huntite [Credit: Archaiologia Online]
In a statement Thursday, Kottaridi said the graves at Vergina - believed to be ancient Aegae - were looted and largely dismantled in antiquity. Surviving finds included vases and a sword.

A rich burial excavated decades ago at Vergina has been linked with Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great, although many experts disagree.

Source: The Associated Press [March 13, 2014]

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1 comment :

  1. Was there anyinformation about any of the Gods that might be connected to the grave?


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