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Iron Age skull found at Scottish golf course

A skull unearthed during maintenance work at Musselburgh’s world famous Old Links is believed to be that of a young Iron Age woman.

Iron Age skull found at Scottish golf course
Police were called to this spot at Musselburgh Links Golf Course, on the race course where bones have been found [Credit: East Lothian News]
Police were called to the historic nine-hole golf course last Tuesday after council workers dug up human remains while repairing a bunker at the fourth green, close to Mrs Forman’s pub.

The police investigation was halted after initial forensic tests confirmed that the skull had not been buried recently.

Subsequent tests by East Lothian Council’s archaeology officers showed the find to date back more than 2,000 years.

A council spokesman told the News: “It was a very populated area during that time, and periodically bones from similar periods are uncovered in that area.

“The size of the skull and the teeth suggest that it was probably a young female in her late teens or early 20s.”

Archaeologists intend to explore the immediate area to see if there are any more remains nearby, but no major excavation is planned.

The spokesman continued: “A limited dig will be carried out to see if there are other bones relating to the skull in close proximity. Whether if be the result of farming or other activity, chances are these bones will have been disturbed considerably over the past 2,000 years.

“Winter maintenance work will resume and the bunker repair work can continue without disturbing digging in the area.”

Source: East Lothian News [January 31, 2013]

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