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New Indus Valley site discovered in Pakistan

The lifting of mud from a site in east of Khairpur Joso has resulted in the discovery of an archaeological site locally called Nathar-j-Daro 

Mohenjo Daro, Larkana [Credit: Dawn]
People of the area found some artefacts when contractors of the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) lifted mud from a mound to use in the constructing the Larkana-Sehawan Road, the Culture Department said. The site falls in revenue limits of Larkana district. It may be noted here that the Sindh Culture Department had been authorized to look after ancient sites after the passage of the 18th Amendment. 

Curator of Mohenjodaro Irshad Rind told Dawn that the mound Nathar-j-Daro was located in the East of Khairpur Joso, some 6km away from Jhukar-jo-Daro and 12km from Larkana city. The site, he said, was unprotected but contemporary to Jhukar-Jo-Daro situated on Larkana-Karachi road. 

The discovered site falls in Deh Nathar and seems to be of late Indus period requiring excavation to ascertain facts, he said. 

Commissioner Larkana Syed Asif Hyder Shah ordered the FWO to immediately cease lifting mud from the mound, soon after getting a confirmation from the Curator on visiting the site and meeting local people on Tuesday last. He was accompanied by the SSP Aetzaz Ahmed Goraya and an FWO official. 

The FWO official regretted that previously nothing was known of the archaeological importance of the site and promised to seize the function immediately. 

‘Nathar-jo-Daro’ is spread over 12 acres of state land and artefacts such as necklace, chess pawn and carnelian were initially recovered from the site which need further research, Arsahd Ridd said. 

Though the FWO was removing mud for a month but luckily only an edge of the site was damaged and now police had been deployed to protect it from rummage, he said. 

The commissioner requested the villagers and FWO to hand over, if an artefact was in their possession. 

He discussed the situation of the site with the concerned minister Ms Sassui Palijo and Secretary Culture, while the Curator had sent a report to Culture Department regarding the discovery. 

Additional Commissioner-I Larkana Fayaz Jatoi on Thursday said the finds including pieces of bones, parts of the utensils made of baked material were all handed over to the curator for further study. 

Source: Dawn Com [February 24, 2012]

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