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Tilaurakot excavation begins

Lumbini Development Fund has started excavating the wall of historical Raj Prasad Tilaurakot Palace. 

Remains of the Eastern Gate of Kapilavastu [Credit: bikramsth]
The Archaeological Department had been authorised to carry out the excavation of the Security Wall since 2005 before the LDF took the responsibility of completing the excavation and preservation of the wall. 

Till now, six levels of the wall have been found. Human statues made of stone and soil, soil pots, equipment, copper coins, iron pieces and nails have also been found during the excavation. 

Likewise, elephants’ trunks, a woman’s statue, tigers’ statues, ornaments and other materials of historical importance have also been found, said Archaeological Officer Krishna KC. 

Those materials belonging to Kusand and Suga eras have been kept in Kapilvastu Museum for exhibition. 

The excavation is under way, said expert Basanta Bidari. “We are digging up at least 100m per year, and 10-17 workers are involved in the work daily,” he added. 

KC said half of the work has been completed and hoped that the entire work will be completed within five years. 

The Security Wall is 3.50m wide, with 1,300m east-west length and 1,700m north-south length. Only 660m length has been excavated so far. 

Tilaurakot is the place from where Budhha’s father King Suddhodhan then ruled, and the palace is said to be the original home of Budhha. Tilaurakot lies at a distance of around 30 kilometres from Lumbini. 

Previous excavation attempts made here had failed to take off for various reasons. Once excavation completed, it could shed light on different aspects of Budhha era.  

Source: The Himalayan Times [December 02, 2011]

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