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Olmec burial discovered in Puebla

A pre-Hispanic burial, believed to be about 3,500 years old, has been found under a Jesuit property dating back to the 18th century in the historic centre of Puebla.  

Olmec style figurine from the Puebla burial [Credit: INAH]
Two skeletons were recovered, a male and female, along with 26 ceramic pieces, an orange funerary pot, anthropomorphic figurines and pectorals of green stone, as well as two complete mirrors of magnetite and several fragments of another.  

Olmec style figurines from the Puebla burial [Credit: INAH]
According to archaeologists, both the figurines and the pottery are characteristic of the Olmec "mother" culture and are thought to date from the Early to Middle Preclassic Period (1500-1200 BC). 

Orange funerary pot from the Puebla burial [Credit: INAH]
An initial forensic analysis of the woman's remains, which were better preserved, suggest that she died at approximately 55 years of age. The bones showed evidence of fractures in ribs, right humerus and skull, and also bear drill marks that were probably caused when the Jesuits drilled the ground for a well. 

Skull of woman from the Puebla burial [INAH]
A DNA study will be done on a molar that was uncovered to determine ethnicity and spectroscopy and other tests will be taken on the figurines to try and determine the provenance of the material.  

The findings will be presented at the First International Congress of Anthropological Studies of the State of Puebla, which takes place from 5 to 9 December at the Autonomous University of Puebla.

Source: INAH [December 05, 2011]

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1 comment :

  1. Hello! Where the DNA results ever published? I have not found anything online and am wondering why there is no news of it.


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