Looters dig tunnel to ancient tombs in central Turkey

Smugglers attempting to reach a tumulus over tombs dating back to the Friggian or Lidyan civilizations in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas dug a 28-meter tunnel but failed to reach their desired destination.

Looters dig tunnel to ancient tombs in Central Turkey

An unidentified person or persons allegedly began digging the tunnel last week and are now being hunted for by security forces, said Divri─či’s district governor, Mehmet Nebi Kaya.

Kaya also said the tombs conjecturally are from Frigs or Lidyans, but some archaeologists have claimed they belonged to the ancient Roman era.

The tumulus will be taken under protection by local officials as archeologists work in the tumulus to determine the remains, Kaya said.

The “treasure hunters” accidently dug 12 meters in the wrong direction, gendarmerie officials said.

Gendarmerie forces have launched a wide-spread operation to find the people responsible for the tunnel. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [February 19, 2013]

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