Roman-era gravestone found in Turkish mosque

A grave stone from the Roman period has been found in the grave of a Muslim judge, in the garden of a mosque in the Kadı village of the Black Sea province of Kastamonu’s Taşköprü district.

 Roman-era gravestone in Turkish mosque
A 1,800 year-old Roman gravestone has been found in a mosque garden as broken into three separate parts [Credit: Hurriyet]
The gravestone, bearing a Greek inscription, is broken into three separate parts and has been determined to be 1,800-years-old by archaeologists. Examinations of the inscription on the stone indicate that it was placed for a woman who died in 213 A.D. Pempiopolis was the capital city of the Paflagonia state in this period.

The following is written on the gravestone: “I am Julia, your mother. I proudly remember you. I am Loullos, your son. You were loved by me in the sweetest way. You were called mother while you were alive, now you are dead. Your memory will never be forgotten.” 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [January 01, 2013]

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