Ancient sites of Med region need maintenance, ARLEM

According to the co-chair of the sustainable development commission of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM), Hani Al-Hayek, ''maintenance work needs to be done'' on the oldest cultural sites of the Mediterranean, such as Roman and Egyptian ones. 

Ancient sites of Med region need maintenance, ARLEM
Leptis Magna, Lybia [Credit: ANSAMed]
Al-Hayek, mayor of Beit Sahour and secretary of the Palestinian local authorities association, underscored that tourism accounts for 10% of Euro-Mediterranean GDP, and is thus a sector which is ''fundamental for employment and foreign trade''. 

In presenting a report on sustainable tourism, Al-Hayek then underscored the importance of ''millennial sites'' of the Mediterranean for the sector. In his words, ''we must give priority status to these sites. We must not forget such important civilisations as the Egyptian and Roman ones, with a heritage to preserve that is among the most important in the world, and we should therefore ensure all efforts required and constant upkeep.'' 

The co-chair of ARLEM's sustainable development commission also expressed concern over the ''heritage of Italian religious heritage, which is optimal for elderly tourists who want to go on pilgrimages.''

Source: ANSAMed [January 16, 2013]

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