Restoration of oldest Christian church in Turkey nearing completion

A church unearthed three years ago in the ancient city Laodicea, located in Turkey's Western province of Denizli, and which is the seventh church listed in the Bible’s Book of Revelations, will open for visitors next year. 

The Church of Laodicea [Credit: psbible]
The head of excavations in the ancient city, Professor Celal Şimşek, said eight restorers and 15 workers had been working nonstop to restore mosaics on the floor of the church.

The church, significant in Christian history, has an unspoiled baptismal font. Şimşek said their goal was to open the church in 2013, the 1,700th year of the Edict of Milan. 

The main walls of the church have already been restored, he said. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [December 11, 2012]

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  1. Reopening of such Churches will be a lovely experience for people. A Christian Church so ancient as this one will definitely be a treat tor people to visit.I am sure Church Minister in Yorba Linda must be keeping an eye on this event.

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