Submerged Roman-era sarcophagus found

A sarcophagus covered with figures depicting Eros and Medusa and believed to date from the Roman period has been found in the sea near the location of the ancient city of Justinianopolis, in the southern province of Antalya’s Alanya district. 

The Roman sarcophagus, discovered by a diving trainer in the sea near Alanya, has been removed from the water and taken to the Alanya Museum for display [Credit: DHA]
The sarcophagus was retrieved from the water after a six-hour effort and has been delivered to the Alanya Museum Directorate. 

Diving school trainer Hakan Gulec spotted an object covered with sand and rocks while diving 20 days ago. When trying to move the object, he saw the figures on it and photographed them. He showed the photos to Alanya Museum officials, and after examining them, they decided to exhibit it. The sarcophagus is estimated to date from the second or third century A.D. 

Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum Director Yasar Y?ld?z and archaeologists cleared sand and debris from the sarcophagus for six hours, and it was lifted out of the water with the help of a crane. Tourists took photos of the sarcophagus while the work was going on. 

“The Alanya Museum has gained a new piece of art. The figures on it show that it dates from the Roman period,” Y?ld?z said.  

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [July 05, 2012]

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