Roman graves found in Croatia

Archaeologists from Vinkovci City Museum (Vukovar-Syrmia County), whilst carrying out archaeological research work on the building site of business and residential premises, have found four graves dating back to the Roman period, confirmed the head of archaeological research at the site, Hrvoje Vulic. 

"Out of the four graves, we found two that are complete, one partially destroyed, while the fourth remained untouched, and that is the one of most interest to us. It is a child's grave who was buried, probably a girl under the age of 10 years," said Vulic. 

In addition to the skeleton of the child, archaeologists have found a dozen bronze coins, two ceramic pots and glass beads from a necklace. 

According to Vulic, the tombs were found at a depth of about 80 centimetres, buried in the graves, dating back to the fourth century, reported Croatian radio television. 

Source: Croatian Times [March 16, 2012]

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