French archaeologists assist in Sozopol dig

French archaeologists arrived in Bulgaria to work jointly with local counterparts on fresh discoveries in Sozopol on the Black Sea, site of the ancient town of Apollonia. 

Excavations at Sozopol [Credit: DarikNews]
Tzonya Drazheva and Dimitar Nedev, main archaeologists of the Bulgarian team in Sozopol say they have found a burial complex from the Middle Ages at the site with many people buried in there. 

The Christian necropolis had many items, such as jewelry and coins, preserved. The people are believed to have died from some epidemic. 

Some time ago Bulgarian historian Bozhidar Dimitrov speculated that this is the site of the medieval St. Nicholas. 

Near the site, an ancient harbour street has been uncovered, along with a customs office and trading post. 

A number of findings date back to the centuries following Apollonia's founding in the seventh century BC. 

The team of Bulgarian archaeologists have invited their French counterparts, experts in old ceramics, to examine the area. 

Tzonya Drazheva said that the complex promises a lot of other findings in store to be discovered. 

Source: Novinite [March 25, 2012]

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